Laperruque develops aestheticaly simple products, handmade and affordable. They let the beauty of exceptional materials and of the craftsman's gestures speak for themselves

Perruque :  \pɛ.ʁyk\ French (Work) Clandestine work done in a workshop ; refers to both the action and its product.

Inspired by “perruque” clandestine work, all of our products are made entirely using saddle stitching techniques by Robin in his workshop based in Malmö, Sweden. Due to the process, every product benefits from small irregularities that contribute to embellishing it with time.

The leathers and accessories all come from the best French and Swedish providers. These are the same suppliers that also provide some of the most prestigious international luxury houses.

We control the whole supply chain, from the cutting of the leathers to the distribution of our product. It allows us to limit the amount of people involved therefore allowing us to sell our product at a price we believe is fair.

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